Transmission path monitoring device

Horwin MD-V1/V2/U-xx

Monitoring of output power and SWR of transmission paths of radio systems. Allows you to monitor the parameters on the operating equipment directly in the rack or organize remote monitoring of the base station.

A multi-channel monitoring panel can be part of transmission combiners with 2 or more channels.

Below is a diagram of such a device as part of a 2-channel hybrid combiner (HC).

Polling of the transmission channels of the combiner (CH1, CH2) takes place sequentially through the analog input multiplexer (MUX). The transmission signal is removed from the ferrite insulator (FI). The numbers of polled channels are shown on the display. When a signal appears on one of the channels with a power of P≥1W, the value of the transmitter power is displayed on the display for 2 seconds (P XX). Then the display shows the SWR at the output of the corresponding channel isolator (S X.X). If the SWR value is ≥3, the alarm indicator lights up.

For remote monitoring of the base station, the emergency signal can be issued as a shorting of the dry contacts of the relay.

The use of such a panel involves the use of isolators with a built-in circuit for measuring input and output signals.

The single-channel monitoring panel measures the power and SWR of the transmission path from the output of the combiner in a multi-channel system or the transmitter of one repeater. The scheme of switching on the panel after the combiner is shown in the figure.

Marking HORWIN MD-V1/V2/U-xx
MD – monitoring device
V1/V2/U – frequency range (V1-136-156 MHz, V2-148-174 MHz, U-400-470 MHz)
XX – number of channels

The losses of the external monitoring panel for a single-channel system, which are introduced, are no more than 0.4 dB.
The monitoring panel in the combiner does not cause additional losses.
The maximum power is  50/100 W.
The range of power measurements is – 1-50 W with a step of 1 W.
Power supply – 220V, 0,1А.