About us

«Horwin» products

HORWIN is a line of antenna feeder devices, controllers, power supplies and antennas, filters, adders and other RF components that produced by CSTEL company under the same trade mark.

Our story

Our company was founded in 1997 in Kharkiv and was initially engaged in the distribution of radio stations and the construction of professional radio communication systems. Later, we began to design and manufacture antennas for these systems, as well as trunking controllers, telephone interconnectors, radio remote controls, power supplies, converters, and more.

Today, the company develops and builds various wireless communication systems – terrestrial two-way radio communication, radio relay stations, broadband radio access, IoT.

We use HORWIN equipment of our own production in the projects. In many cases, these are special developments for a specific task.

We are ready to share our experience in building radio systems, support your ideas and dive deeply into your task, regardless of the scale of the project.

Our advantages

  • Stable and reliable basic solutions
  • Artificial and small-scale developments
  • Practical experience in the construction and operation of various radio systems
  • Consulting and constant technical support

During the war, we provide support at any time.

«Horwin» technical solutions

Antennas, filters, duplexers, combiners, distribution panels, totalizers, lightning protection, jumpers, radio power sources

DAS Components
Power sources