Horwin – reliable products for wireless communication.

About consulting, ordering and technical support in wartime.

  • For all questions, you can contact us by phone at 067-5760208 or in messengers at this number.
  • Stock availability, production times, prices – upon request.
  • For promptness and accuracy of the order, send it to messengers or e-mail. Immediately indicate the desired type of connector.
  • For narrowband antennas (AJ and AF series), duplexers, filters, specify the required frequency tuning ratings.
  • When sending duplexers and filters for reconfiguration or repair, enclose information with the required denominations .
  • In case of questions about the use of duplexers, it is advisable to read the post first About duplexers.

Horwin products

HORWIN – is a line of antennas, filters, adders and other radio frequency components produced under this trade mark by the CSTEL company.

Reliable products for wireless communication

Base station antennas, mobile antennas, filters, adders and DAS solutions for wireless systems in public safety, telecommunications, industry, transportation, IoT.

Development according to the customer's task

We can design and manufacture products specifically for your needs. Tell us about your task and we will try to help.

Consultations on building systems and project support

Our company has been designing and manufacturing radio systems for over 20 years. We are ready to participate in your tasks to achieve the best result.

We guarantee the quality of our products and prompt technical support in your projects.

We are always at the top in the creation of passive devices for the radio channel. Stable, protected and permanent radio communication through powerful and reliable equipment.




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